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How Gut Health Affects Fitness and Body Health



Planning For The Health of The Gut

Some people settle to scheduled lifestyles early in life and are able to multi-task in all areas of life. I believe this kind of stability is enabled by financial status or by one’s choice to settle for what they have making the best use of it. Multi-tasking is the ability to balance work life with other personal issues; like having gym schedules, hobbies outside or inside of home and leisure time for self and family.  


Most people however, get so occupied with work putting in every extra time so that other areas of life are neglected. They feel the need to keep two jobs to be able to make ends meet. This deprives many of the time to plan for physical fitness times. The solution for them would be to turn to quick Ab workouts, and exercises for fast weight loss at home, to maintain their fitness goals. The fitness side of life suffers when it is not factored into the schedules. This leads to other areas in health getting affected.  


Gut life, health and fitness are like a tricycle that that is inter-twinned. If the gut is healthy, so is the body, and exercising can be enjoyed and done as a hobby  But if one is in pain exercises are something to be endured. When one cannot withstand them any more it leads to weight gain due to inactivity. Weight gain then brings on other health issues that slow down life and make it miserable.  


Life is unique for different people. Some people are content once they get their 8-5 jobs and they settle to it never to look behind. Others are dreamers always hoping for something more that will make life better. Settling down early is okay as long as one is content. Dreaming bigger on the other hand allows one to try different things and may finally achieve greater results. Finding time to invest in health matters should be prioritized, since it’s from good health that we are able to appreciate life. Identifying activities that help with cleaning your gut and supplying it with probiotics for gut health are recommended.  


Intercepting Problems for Gut health

At some point, one has to start living and stop waiting for a perfect time. Life is not slowing down for anyone, the years just keep flying by. One has to multitask in every area of life. There is  need to take care of oneself inside out to recapture what the working years have stolen from health. One way of doing this is to schedule times for cleaning your gut with special diets for a few days. Another way is by embarking on a program for intermittent fasting for weight loss every so often when necessary.


I used to watch programs on healthy eating and would think to myself, ‘I will do that when I am ready with money so that I can be able to afford it and keep it going. Statistics show differently; the waiting may continue forever, so its better to start somewhere, with or without much. I used to say celebrities can do this or that since they have the personal trainers to guide them. 


I have changed that mentality and believe everyone can create celebrity status for themselves. I will make myself my own celebrity to help beat the midlife issues of health and to capture back lost time. By living well in the latter years one can still find adventure in life. Whenever possible, eating healthy and balanced meals should be made a priority. Always think in terms of healthy foods to eat to lose weight. When selecting from the menu think of ‘healthy lunch for weight loss’ and healthy meals at every table time. There were days I marveled when someone ordered just a chicken and vegetable salad! Every time outdoors for me was a time to eat freely especially on the heavier carbs.


Catching Up On Health Matters after 40

With the passing of time and with unaccomplished dreams, one gradually starts to sense the loss of time. In the 40’s there’s the realization that time has really passed and one becomes so aware of it. Could this be the so called ‘midlife crisis’ that sends people into a panic mode?

Sensing the passing of time, and missed out events, I decided to recapture time in simple ways, to catch up on what I felt I had missed. Simple things like promising my kids a trip to Disney world and never making it.  My children still remind me of things like this and I laugh it off by saying I’m still waiting for the dream.

The best gauge of the passing of time is the kids as they move from one phase of life to another.  It seems slow in the beginning as they get weaned but the growth escalates fast as they become independent and self-reliant.  As the saying goes, you realize you’ve grown older when you see children grow and change into adults.


Catching up with life should be integrated with catching up on health matters and physical fitness. This will help in aging gracefully, healthy and strong. The simple formula should be: identifying your simple meal plan to lose weight, your best exercise to burn belly fat and being good to your gut with gut health supplements and good food for gut health.



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