Use Green & Colored Vegetables to Detox & Cleanse your Gut

There is no limit in the amount of benefits leafy green and colored vegetables offer to the body. The only limitation is finding ways to make vegetable salad dishes attractive to majority of people. Methods of preparing hearty salad dishes will help people obey the call to eat greens. Alternatively, identifying a green rich vegetable and fruit smoothie drink will keep the gut well nourished.

A healthy gut is kept nourished and maintained by the kind of foods it is fed with. From the bright colored vegetables the body gets its wide range requirement of vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, beta-carotene, vitamin , vitamin-C, vitamin-A, B-complex and vitamin K. It’s important therefore to include green and other colored vegetables in most meals as they are good foods for gut health.

The antioxidants properties in green leaves gives the body the capability to fight against harmful radicals by boosting the body’s immunity. Some of these radicals are what cause oxidant stress, diseases, and cancers. To minimize health problems for the gut, a balanced diet with more of vegetables and fruits should be observed.

Naturally, vegetables consist of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber that is rich in moisture content. What this moisture rich fiber does is absorb excess water in the colon, sustain a good amount of moisture in the bowel matter, and aide in the smooth expulsion  out of the body. Therefore, a good amount of fiber will give protection from ailments  like chronic constipation which leads to sicknesses like hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome ,  rectal fissures and colon cancer.

Developing a love for greens will help in replenishing your body with foods good for gut health, certainly helping people  stay healthy and fit! The alternative to making sure one is getting the greens requirement of the body is to find quality supplements for gut health packed with a variety of greens. When it’s not possible to eat greens one can make use of healthy supplements to get their share for the day.

They can be found in high fiber combinations of organic green foods, fruits, berries, herbs, seeds and bio-active enzymes in powder form for use in the making of smoothies or in other forms as supplements. A power packed green food supplement will do the great work of protecting  the gut and nourishing the body.

Some supplement manufacturers of green supplements are able to take advantage of their compositions to include probiotic powders in them. The benefits of probiotics have been widely discussed in other forums as being essential in the functioning of the gut. It is advisable to seek out probiotic foods or seek out a supplement that offers you these benefits.

Thus there is no excuse in not taking your share of greens and probiotic foods. If you cannot eat them in salads, take them as supplements and keep the doctor away, as in the saying: ‘an apple a
day keeps the doctor away’.

Visit  here to find a healthy recipe for delicious green smoothies for your gut needs.

Once you have discovered how to make a favorite healthy drink you’ll find it easy to keep to a schedule of always making it weekly to ensure your intake of a green portion for the well being of your gut. Just make sure you’re using the right sweeteners and not regular sugar. A good natural sweetener would be something like ‘Stevia’.

7 day DetoxYou can get yourself a healthy Smoothie Recipe Book that targets making healthy smoothies to help in loosing of weight. You can find one such a book by clicking on the picture on the left . Some people cannot stand eating some greens like spinach, yet these are very potent in nutrients. For such people getting these from a tasty smoothie would make it easier. Green is beautiful and can taste great too! The benefits of repetitive intake on green will show gradually in the brightening of the skin  as the gut gets cleansed from impurities by the anti-oxidants in the green combinations. Weight loss is another benefit that will occur when one goes on a program that is structured.

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