The Cure for Bad breath

Is it possible to recognize one’s own bad breath? It is unfortunate that most people don’t realize their own body smells, mainly because the smells are part of what their sensory system is accustomed to. 

Sometimes people have suffered rejection as people avoid them by keeping away from them to avoid bad breath. It happens time from time that one finds themselves in awkward situations when in meetings they realize someone has a real bad mouth odor.  They long for break time to happen so that they can get the opportunity to change the sitting position – hoping that is possible. Persevering through discussion times with such a person can be such a torture.

The most common reason for bad breath is poor oral hygiene. Not cleaning the teeth, tongue and mouth well, occasionally could lead to bad odor. Cleaning should include flossing to make sure no food particles are left in hidden in places. If food is left in the mouth bacteria will break it down forming smelly sulfur compounds.

Brushing teeth is not enough without brushing the tongue itself which holds quite a good amount of food. Some people are likely to avoid brushing further down the tongue for fear of throwing up. It gets uncomfortable the further one gets nearer the throat, but it is essential to try and clean the tongue bit by bit with diligence.

Bad breath does not always happen because of bad hygiene. There are some people who take good care of their teeth but still have bad breath. If this happens it should necessitate visiting the dentist to get checked for infections that might be causing the problem.

Effects of infection can arise from various things like:

  • gum diseases and mouth sores, tooth decaying or removal of tooth leaving pockets where remnants of food could hide.
  • The mouth, nose and throat are closely connected and so infections in the nose and throat could be sensed through the mouth. Some stones from particles are usually formed in the tonsils and smell real bad as they are bacteria prone.
  • Some people suffer from dry mouths due to medications or other causes. Constant hydration by taking water and other liquids may be of help. Metabolic issues, how the food is broken down in the gut and reflux acids in the stomach could be contributing factors in strange breath.

How do you tell Someone about Mouth oduor?

It’s not easy to tell someone about odor problems. Most people will just bear with the smell by keeping the possible distance and wondering about owner. Only very close relations that are free with the person can be able help to share the concern. The others that can help are young children who are innocent enough to say things freely as they experience them. “Your mouth stinks!”, they will easily say. When they do, it should be taken seriously and confirmation sought from others.

If one really cares about oral hygiene, they should volunteer the question by asking those close to them to tell them if their mouth has a bad breath. It takes a courageous person to be able to politely bring up the topic discussion, because not many people will be able to.

The powerful oxygenation provided by the clinical strength toothpaste targets the source of bad breath. Fluoride and aloe Vera are also included to help prevent plaque, tartar, and cavities from forming.

Halitosis, or bad breath, is an unpleasant odor that comes from the mouth. Halitosis can be a one-time occurrence or a long-term problem. Eating habits, oral health issues, and diseases are all potential contributors.