I will I’ll be sitting on my desk working on something that’s frustrating me and while waiting, my mind starts thinking about something to eat. What a clever way for my mind to escape the frustration! I get back to my senses and realize I’m not really hungry at the moment, but I’m trying to divert from a stressful moment to finding comfort in food. 

Many people start to put on more weight in their thirties, and the process only seems to get worse in the forties. Losing five pounds at forty can be harder than losing twenty pounds was at the age of twenty five. People’s metabolic rates tend to slow down with age. Many people also lose muscle as they age, and since muscle burns more calories than fat, it only exacerbates the growing problem of flabby belly fat.

Many people can suffer hits to their self-esteem as a result of some of these physical changes. Society at large places a great deal of emphasis on maintaining a youthful body and appearance. People that have succumbed to the physical changes associated with approaching middle age can feel as if other people are judging them, even if it’s all in their heads. It’s no wonder that many people experience mid-life crisis due to the many emotions that are triggered by changes in physique and life in general. There must be ways of avoiding these changes and the associated negative emotions.

There are many fit forty-some things out there today, and they are usually fit as a result of their lifestyles. Some people might benefit from working with a dietitian in order to identify an eating plan that will promote health and fitness. Everyone’s body is different, and everyone’s lifestyle is different. Having a uniquely tailored approach to health and fitness is much more likely to generate results than relying entirely on generalities. So each person should aspire to have their own regime of exercises towards fitness.

The down side is that most people feel that they can handle their weight problem on their own without advice or help. Without being accountable to a program or a set discipline, the problem only grows year after year. Checking out what’s working for others can save the time and rescue one from the stress.

Forty-some things that are trying to improve their health and fitness levels should know in advance that there are plenty of misconceptions out there when it comes to health and fitness. Guidelines from experts like doctors if possible should be preferred. One of the most useful things that people can start doing in their thirties is strength training. Strength training will help them preserve their muscle tone. People that are trying to stay fit after forty can also try low carb cooking. People should try to obey specific dietary guidelines in order to improve their odds and keep away from developing the flabby belly fat.

Eating more protein can also potentially help people maintain their muscle tone, assuming that they exercise on a regular basis anyway. People need to learn how to eat to burn calories. There are ways of eating that can help people in their forties increase their metabolic rates at least somewhat. With a certain degree of discipline, people in mid-life can lose weight and can change the way they look and feel. Stay fit and live long.