Two factors that contribute to physical fitness are Exercise and Healthy eating, the latter contributing a greater percentage. A lot of energy gets wasted in exercising to lose weight if the diet is not right.

The gift of appetite is the greatest obstacle to the discipline of healthy eating. As we all know, the attractive and tempting foods full of carbohydrates beckon the eyes easily. Did you know you can still cheat and get away with enjoying the same foods that are thought to be harmful to your weight?

The Struggle to Maintain Desired Weight

There are many weight loss programs out there that will help people loose weight and attain their goals. They include diet programs and fitness programs in the gym or elsewhere. The only problem is how to get fit and maintain the achieved goals.

The one biggest problem is how to tame hunger pangs and control them from making one reach for the wrong carbs whenever hungry. The more one works out and burns the calories, the more the need to replace the energy with the right carbs arises. Many fail in the discipline to eat right.

With the higher levels of activity comes a need for more fuel, in the form of food. However, getting the balance right to eat the right amount for recovery is difficult. For majority of people, this is always a nightmare. Restrictive diets and hunger threaten to rob people of all their hard work in the gym.

Hunger is the single biggest threat to achieving an ideal physique. To understand the relationship between hunger and maintenance of weight, there’s need to study the effect of hormones on the human body. Visit this link for more information on this subject.

The reason why majority of people are unsuccessful at controlling hunger, loosing body fat and getting fit boils down to the way most fat loss programs are designed. An ideal weight loss program would be one whereby one does not have to give up the foods they love. That would be a motivation to stay on a program.