The Healthy Gut as a blender

Being a busy machine as it is, the gut needs cleansing like any other machine. It is constantly being stuffed with all sorts of assorted foods to process, and only a few stop to think of the process it takes for these foods to go through system. There’s a need to be considerate to the health of the gut as to what we constantly feed it with. Cleaning your gut must be something to think about every so often to allow for good functioning.

Amazing is the length of the intestines. It is a wonder how long some foods could stay in there before getting eliminated. Anything one could do to help in flushing out overstayed material would be good for the well-being of the gut. We have to give thought to what food textures and consistencies go into the gut for its protection. Just as a blender has a hard time mixing dry ingredients that have no liquid, so does the gut compare to it.

Easier on the gut are foods like vegetables and fruits because they digest easily as they are moist and full of roughage. They also have probiotic benefits that are essential for the gut’s health. Naturally, most people will not choose these types of foods when they are hungry. They’re more attracted to carbohydrates and the flavored foods that appeal to the appetite. Sweet desserts will rank first in preference when faced with a need for a snack. It is okay to answer to the gift of appetite by enjoying all foods, but also keeping a balance by eating the greens and fruits often. Greens and probiotic foods will help the functioning of the gut by moving things down the system smoothly.

Even with the knowledge of the importance of eating healthy, most people find themselves forced to eat unhealthy by circumstances beyond their control. Some of these are;

  • Busy schedules – too busy to shop healthy foods
  • No time to prepare healthy meals healthy foods for use when required
  • Long days at work exiled from home. No lunch packed so you settle for a fast junk food
  • Eating just for the sake of quieting hunger pangs without consciousness to health factors.

It is advisable to help the functioning of the gut every so often by eating foods that help with quick elimination. There are also alternatives to such foods in supplement form that aide the colon to clear faster. Some supplements are powerful in delivering nutrients as they are balanced with natural greens and probiotic foods in powder form. There are some purely herbal supplements that provide fiber to help the bowel in its function. They help to dislodge unwanted materials that would clog the colon.

When you can’t make it to have your vegetables and fruit, you can pop them out of a bottle instead of going for days without your share of greens. This will help in protecting the gut as a healthy gut requires a smooth flow of the products placed in it. Clogging will result in blockage and sickness. Keeping the gut pampered with greens helps to maintain its health and that of the body as a whole.

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