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Causes of Weight Gain & Quick Weight Loss Tricks

As the saying goes; “getting older is getting wiser”, but on the other hand is the recognition that getting older requires a different wisdom and extra effort in keeping the pounds off. Every year one seems to pack on extra weight more easily than the previous one. The one thing that would keep the weight off would be taming the appetite and keeping it controlled, but this has never been easy.

Appetite just seems to grow sharper as we progress to mid life. For any one with a good appetite, weight-gaining picks up momentum easily as days go by. There are many factors that lead to weight gain, some of which are common in life like generational hand overs  and others which are caused by certain health conditions. Some common factors include:

⦁ Genetics

⦁ Stress, Depression and Anxiety. These three are somewhat        related. No doubt adult life is interposed     with many personal     challenges of life that are likely to set on these experiences. 

⦁ Lack of sleep (insomnia) 

⦁ metabolism slowing down 

⦁ Slowing down in activity

These challenges have to be dealt with for preservation of good health. That’s why health matters become a priority for majority of people as they grow older. It’s advisable to take health  matters seriously before they get out of control. 

Be Proactive in Becoming Your Own Doctor

You are your best doctor for some of the issues of life. What is causing you stress, depression and anxiety? It must have do with things you can put a finger on. Decide to solve issues at work and at home if possible or involve help from outside sources.  It is advisable to do something for the sake of peace because health is very important. Talk to close family, a good friend, dig out community resources in order to rescue your health.

Personally when I get stressed, it leads to leads to another problem. Stress easily causes lack of sleep. When one is anxious the mind is constantly solving issues and over thinking with worrying thoughts. If this gets out of control, one must seek the doctor’s help to help control the stress with medication. After taking control of the situation, one should work on acquiring a positive attitude to life with the help of other people.

Getting enough sleep is of utmost importance for one to have good health. The busy schedules of life have deprived people of a normalcy to sleep enough. Only you can gauge what sleep deprivation is doing to your mental health and decide what you would like to do. There is no trick to getting around this. It eventually deteriorates health.

Anxiety, stress and depression easily lead to weight management issues which bring on health related issues. It is advisable to prioritize controlling weight gain before it gets out of hand in order to enjoy good health.


A Simple Way To Keep Weight in Check

One weight Loss Trick is to have a variety of ready healthy snacks in stock for the moments when you get hungry. It’s advisable to stock both salty and sweet snacks: these could be dried fruit, dried meats, dried sea weeds, fresh vegetables and different nuts. When hungry before dinner, reach for the a handful of nuts instead of the cookies. This will quiet hunger until the meal is ready.

Due to inactivity as we grow older metabolism slows down. When one is not active, there is no quick burning of calories. Weight increase starts happening and there’s no structured activity to take it off. It’s easier to pack the weight than it is to get it off. So we need to find solutions for quick weight loss programs before it gets too late. A lot of us in the age bracket of thirty upwards do not find time for activities outside of work and that makes the situation worse. 

What Causes the Slowing Down of Metabolism?

·        Eating very few calories.

Limiting oneself to eating very few calories can cause a major decrease in metabolism, which can be unhealthy. Slowing down in metabolism has been known to arise when people choose to reduce their calorie intake significantly.

Reasons for this is when people decide that the way they are going to lose weight is by denying themselves food in the effort to cut down on calories. For instance, it happens commonly with women in attempts to lose weight quickly. When the body senses that there is no food to burn, it reacts by withholding the burning of calories in order to save on deposits. This causes a slowing down in the metabolic rate.


        Eating Less Protein

·       The main guideline in eating a balanced diet is to include all the classes of food in each meal. The protein amounts are supposed to be given a higher percentage as they play a crucial part in maintaining a healthy weight. It is better to fill up on more protein than on carbohydrates as they burn faster than the carbs.


     Proteins usually accelerate the time the body burns calories. Normally after eating digestion takes place and there is increase in metabolism which is referred to as the thermic effect of food. This clas of food has a higher thermic effect than carbohydrates. Consumption of proteins may increase metabolism rate by 20-30 percent.


·        Inactive Lifestyle

      Most people work in offices where they are sitting all day long without having to be active. The lack        of activity certainly leads to a decrease in the number of calories one can burn on a day-to-day                basis. If an individual is not intentional in planning for extra activities after work like; going for              walks, engaging in a sport, dancing and the like, metabolism declines and slows down.


·         Disturbed Sleep Patterns

 Sleeping habits are known to affect the body’s metabolism if they are not regular and as required   by  nature. For a good night’s rest to be effective for the body an adult requires a sleep of about 7-8   hours. Less hours of sleep are likely to disrupt the metabolic effects and cause the development of   certain health conditions.

The body has its own timings of when certain activities should occur   during sleep in the repairing and maintenance of its system. People that work nights should purpose to get their full compensation of continuous sleep, so as to cater for the proper functioning of the body. Weight gain does happen due to lack of good sleeping and this could be due to the  breaking down of proper metabolism brought on by poor sleep.

·        Being “Sweet Toothed”

      Excess sugar in diets is bound to be unhealthy and a cause of health conditions like obesity and diabetes. Obesity ignites a chain of other ailments too that will load the body and make it inactive. Controlling the amounts how sugar in the body helps to maintain metabolism. Too much sugar slows down metabolism. Over consumption of fructose leads to it being stored as belly fat. 




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