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Motivate Oneself to Lose Weight

Reasons You Are Not Losing Pounds.


Discipline is not everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of people struggle to stay on a program even though they want results. Registering at a gym does not guarantee a perfect attendance for some people. As the saying goes, “nothing good comes from nothing”. This applies too in the pursuit for loosing weight. It comes through adhering to great discipline.

When it comes to exercise protocols, one should think in terms of every daily exercise being a building block to the previous one, to the point where results start happening. Every exercise gets someone closer to achieving goals and then maintaining them. The amounts of calories burned at each workout should be observed, so that the next meal’s calories do not cancel the ones lost during an exercise.

The plateau principal in medical narrative is a mathematical way to calculate the course of action of a medication in the body. This principle can be widely applied in other areas of life like nutrition, weight-loss, exercising etc. The principal applies monitoring how much a drug is taken in and how much is eliminated periodically, to the point where a balance of how much remains in the system is maintained.
The same way a drug is taken constantly to attain a certain desired level in the body, is the same way discipline is required when   desiring to quickly lose weight. Disciplines are the hardest obstacles to overcome when wanting to achieve certain goals in life. Compared to taking a drug at exactly  the set times and in the right dosage, keeping up with a weight loss program is a tough discipline for most people. One needs to remember to do their exercises according to schedule, to be able to lose the required number of calories. This requires determination and a lot of self-drive. Many are the days one does not feel like exercising.

Unfortunately, some people reach a certain level and realize that they are not losing any more weight as they have hit a plateau before attaining the desired goal. This could be the reason for many people giving up on programs. Switching to a different method of a quick weight loss product may help. For example, going on a quick weight loss diet program and taking a break from an exercise plan for a while might give your body a break before going back again.


Weight loss obstacles

  •  Age factor
  •  Inactivity
  •  Changes in metabolism
  •  Lack of Discipline
  •  Responsibilities

Monitored Diets Can Help Lose Pounds Safely and Trim Belly Fat

It is a fact that the way you lose flabby belly fat changes after you hit the age of thirty. You will slowly notice the dreaded forty-something pouch unless you put in the necessary effort to lose it. If you want to keep your body the same way it was when you were younger, you are going to have to work a little harder in order to keep the weight off.

The challenge that peoples who are forty and over have is finding ways to burn fat and keep it off. They could try methods like low-carb cooking, but exercise has a key role to play. People who are over forty find themselves not in enough situations in which they can burn calories naturally.


The Role of Lifestyle Changes and Weight Gain

People in their twenties and thirties tend to be in situations that require more physical activity naturally. For example, people in college will often have athletic clubs to join or games of Frisbee on the campus green. Kids that can play outdoors will easily end up exercising a lot as a matter of course. So, not only do the forty plus tend to lead increasingly sedentary lifestyles, but they also tend to be less efficient at burning calories even when they do exercise. As a result, forty+ end up with increasing weight-related challenges.

It is also important to note that people in their forties tend to have more responsibilities than individuals that are younger. They may have children, even young children, and having small children tends to make it difficult to exercise. Many adults with children end up falling severely behind in their exercise schedules and eating the sorts of food that their children eat, even though their bodies are no longer equipped to cope with certain foods and exercise schedules.

Fighting Weight Gain with Quick Weight Loss Diet tricks

However, forty+ individuals can fight back against this seemingly inevitable weight gain problem with a little effort. By focusing on quick weight loss workouts that do not involve a rigorous plan combined with diets for quick weight loss, 40+re-claimers will have a better chance to cut off weight. Those who are pushing for better physique will hear the siren call against this deadly foe and pursue combinations of quick weight loss tricks to combat weight gain.

The fact of the matter is that not only will you feel better if you keep your belly fat down, you will look better, and will also be healthier. Staying under a healthy weight is a key factor in how long people live after the age of forty. A lot of your risk factors for various diseases increase when you are older, so it is critical to make sure that you exercise enough despite the difficulties.

If discipline absolutely fails to be achieved, there are always short cuts and quick weight loss programs that can be applied to help. Some of these include:

  • appetite curbing supplements that keep one feeling full,
  • rich healthy drinks that supplement meals,
  • combinations of power foods,
  • organic teas that convert fat to energy,
  • Prebiotics for digestive support and energy
  • combination of herbals that burn deep fat.

Topping up any of these with an occasional exercise routine should help to maintain weight and improve on health matters. It is a smart way of challenging the struggle with weight gain. 


Ways of boosting metabolism

Increase the Intake of Protein 

Protein gets broken down faster than carbohydrates. Ingesting more protein will increase the rate of metabolism as the action happens at an accelerated rate. Reduce the portions of the carbs while compensation from eating more protein and vegetables.


Drinking Cold Water

When you drink cold you increase the resting metabolism to some good percentage.  Normally this happens because the body has to increase the energy to heat it up to the body temperature. The colder the water the more energy needed to heat it up.


Do a High-Intensity Workout.

These do not have to be done always at the gym or in a formal set up. You can come up with your own quick workouts that will achieve some good results. Purposing to put in some impromptu quick workout whenever the moment provides itself can cater for in keeping metabolism going on. For example, when you place your food in the microwave for two minutes, go ahead and do some moves instead of just standing and waiting for the food. You will be amazed at how much can be achieved in 2 minutes.


Do Affordable Lifting.

People tend to be worried about lifting heavy things as they grow older. They may get overly protective and avoid attempting to lift. Moderate lifting is a healthy thing and works toward maintaining metabolism if it is done according to someone’s strength, and without straining. It is necessary in promoting the strength of the muscles too.


Stand up More

You will burn some calories in a standing up position than when just sitting down. In a work situation where work involves sitting long hours, it is wise to get up often and spent a few minutes standing. That’s why they have innovated desks that can be adjusted to allow one to work while standing after sitting down for some hours.


Drink Teas

Drink herbal teas of choice depending on benefits you may want to acquire for health. Some benefits to be acquired from drinking tea would be:

  • boosting of the immune system.
  • helping as pain killers by reducing
  • inflammation and soreness.
  • prevention of serious diseases.
  • helping improve the digestive system.
  • Rehydrating the body as it is mainly water.
  • For people who don’t enjoy drinking plain water, the flavor from herbal teas motivates them to drink, which is good for the gut system. 
  • Stimulation of the functioning of the brain


Eat Spicy Foods

Not everyone enjoys spicy foods, but for those who can withstand the heat, there is an added benefit of increase in metabolism that it ignites for a while. Using the hot stuff like cayenne and capsaicin is likely to boost your metabolism to some percentage during rest or in action. When metabolism is ignited it enables the body to deal with weight loss matters. Learning to eat some hot sauce is of benefit to the health of the body.

Drink coffee

Investigative studies have shown metabolic rate increases significantly when caffeine has been taken. While you take the cup of coffee to wake you up and keep you alert for the day, you are also getting the benefit of kick starting your metabolism to some degree for the day.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep.

In order to maintain a good metabolic homeostasis, the body needs to get the right amount of uninterrupted time of sleep. Several hormonal and metabolic processes take place at specific durations during sleep and if interrupted the body gets deprived of the opportunity to achieve them.


   Metabolism is a complex process of biochemical activities that happen in a living organism. It involves the two processes of anabolism (build up) and catabolism (break down). It is the number of calories the body burns to maintain itself. In normal sleep, a lot happens in the association of the cells and metabolic processes.


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