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Losing Weight after 30

Losing weight after 30 can be quite challenging to majority of people. A few years after blowing those unforgettable 30 colorful candles on your birthday cake, you’ll soon begin to miss those laid back days when you used to sit in front of the television screen and stuff your mouth with cookies, chips, hot dogs, burgers, corndogs, sandwiches and etc. without caring to read the nutrition facts located at the back of their respective packaging.


When you are young, metabolism is on your side, but once those gray hairs begin to appear on your head, you’ll realize that you are living in a different stage of life where your body doesn’t burn the calories as fast as it used to.  


Once you’re in your 30’s, you’ll soon start to see weight gain accumulate here and there (especially on the stomach), but if you put your mind to it, you can get on the case and get rid of those extra pounds. When you are in your 40’s, it is more of a struggle to lose weight than when you are in your 30’s–your metabolism is still functioning but at a lower speed than before. The weight creeps in slowly but sure. The mirror is the revealer in the beginning, but with time the body starts to tell its story by feeling sluggish and lethargic.


This weight matter can bring a great deal of low self-esteem—it is an inevitable feeling. Standing in front of a mirror and realizing how much bigger you’ve gotten over the years might be a difficult view to swallow. But thankfully, there are a couple of things that a person can do to reignite metabolism and lose weight. In the latter years we need to combine exercises with diets for quick weight loss that help in burning fat faster.


Eat Enough 

If you think that by skipping lunch or dinner you’ll be helping your body lose weight faster, you are definitely wrong! By doing so, believe it or not, you’ll only help your metabolism slow down, as it will conserve energy.  Within two hour of after waking up, make sure to always eat breakfast; this will spark up your metabolism. At this age we should be thinking in terms of the ‘best breakfast and healthy lunches for weight loss’.

Leave the junk food once and for all and add a healthy well-balanced diet into your lifestyle! Add whole foods like green vegetables, fresh fruits, lean protein, egg whites and brown rice. Drink lots of water, and instead of accompanying your meals with soda, opt to drink green tea (it contains EGCG which helps accelerate weight loss). You can also look out for other weight loss detox drinks that can be used for fat burning

Exercise on a Regular Basis

Since body functions differently at this age, exercising should be one of your daily priorities.  Performing fitness activities such as walking or aerobics every day for about 45 minutes can not only help you get fit but will also boost your energy and help your metabolism work better. If you want to tone your muscles, make sure to do some strength training a few times a week. It’s advisable to get a quick weight loss workout if you cannot endure long workouts. 

Doctor Consultation: Last Resort

At times, some people end-up consulting with their doctor when either their weight issue is too overwhelming to handle or nothing seems to be alleviating the matter. A specialist can not only prescribe medication that might help combat weight but can also recommend alternative solutions, such as surgery.  There are a few professional experts who are doctors in this field and whose information is easy to access from the net. Anyone these days can chose a defined plan and set up a discipline for exercises and a healthy weight loss diet at home.

As you can tell, losing weight after your 30’s is definitely not a piece of cake, but if you stick to a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be well on your way to looking like your old self and proud of your achievement!

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