Biological Connection Between Eyes and Brain​

What Affects the Brain also Affects the Eyes ​

Eyes are very special to the functioning of the body and also quite complicated organs. Not many people realize that eyes are actually intimately related to the brain. The eyes really are part and parcel of the central nervous system. Ever realized that its only in the eyes where nervous tissue and blood vessels can be seen directly? The brain and eyes share share a lot in development history. They share similar blood vessels, and similar processes when it comes to their deterioration. Due to these similarities, any dysfunction in the brain usually starts showing through the eyes.

The similarities in both Eyes and the Brain are the reason why when there’s a breakdown in the brain, it often shows in the eyes. Because of the deep, biological connection between the eyes and brain, there are several factors that impact both. factors range from illness to simply aging, but they can all be seen in the way eyes and brain function. For example, changes in eye movements are associated with both aging and cognitive deterioration.

Cognitive Deterioration

Due to the strong connection between the brain and eyes, there are various neurological concerns that manifest in the eyes and optic nerve. These issues provide direct linking to identifying the source of problem. Concerns like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and stroke all start to show in the eyes and also the brain. Also if there was an increase of pressure in the brain from a certain issue, there would a swelling that could be seen in the optic nerve. This would imply a neurological concern. That’s the reason why the importance of eye and ophthalmic exams.