Brain Awareness

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Did you know that according the Alzheimer’s Association there’s more than five million Americans living with Alzheimer’s? They also estimate that one in three seniors die from this disease or related dementia.

The need for awareness of this subject can never be emphasized enough. These are very large numbers of people living with this condition and should get the attention of everyone, so as to participate in one way or another to raise awareness on the matter.

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Maybe visiting Seniors in Long Term Care places living with this condition could give one an opportunity to experience first hand what life is like under this condition. Hearing of these statistics sets one thinking and asking many questions:

  • What causes age-related cognitive dysfunction?
  • Can it be detected early?
  • Can it be prevented or cured?

Some people become victims of memory decline as they age. Watching them struggle through life only leaves others hoping that they will not end up going that route, but it’s only a matter of hoping. Life is busy for most people and majority do not find the time to visit the doctor for check ups especially for unseen conditions. By the time the need is realized, it’s already late.

There’s hope in early detection and people are encouraged to get checked as it can provide a ground for learning on how the brain system breakdown, and thus offer hope for discovery of interventions.

23rd years ago the world took notice of the need to commit a week to Brain Awareness. This year 2021 marked the 23rd anniversary of this venture, a worldwide celebration of the brain and nervous system. The week featured events ranging from family-friendly activities to public lectures.  This was celebrated world wide through March 12-18. This week provided opportunity for people to learn about the brain and the how people can face the different conditions.  

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