A Spa Day for Cleansing and Protection of the Gut

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For those that know the meaning of pampering themselves, one of the things they do is arrange for a spa day at a place of their choice. On such a day they get the treat of being attended to from head to toe. The body gets a good massage, the scalp, hair, hand and toe nails all get polished and the experience is refreshing.

When you think about it, the gut that sustains the body should also be considered for it’s own spa day. The gut is the one that works so hard and determines how healthy the bod y stays. A treat for the gut would mean feeding it with the right healthy foods, planning for a cleansing at least twice a month, monthly or as often as one can afford for the well being of the gut. This would ensure a healthy and protected gut that is strong to support the body.

The gut occasionally needs to be fed with the kind of foods that help to dislodge overdue residue from the colon and then fed with nutrients that maintain its health. Every one knows the kind of foods that work well to help their bowels move for proper elimination. If not, that would be something to research on. On discovering probiotic benefits to the gut one can assume the discipline of including probiotic foods to their diet to improve the functioning of the gut. Natural colon cleansing foods are recommended and easy to prepare. Alternatively, quality supplements will help in clearing the colon.

It is of importance to save towards a Spa day for the gut as its health determines how the rest of the body feels and functions. When was the last time you thought of your digestive system and gave it a break from inflammatory foods and lavished it with cleansing foods? There are natural antihistamines in vitamin C that can be derived from berries, lemons, cirtrus fruits and others. An effort should be made to pack up on these for the defense of the gut.

This is a discipline that is necessary to develop because in the long run it strengthens the life of the gut and consequently the body as a whole. Another treat for the healthy gut is Probiotic foods that normalize immune functions by destroying allergens and unwanted bacteria in the gut. The idea is therefore to cleanse and strengthen the gut as often as possible for a healthier body.