A Review on “Grey Hair No More”.

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The book ‘Grey hair No More’ offers hope for majority of people who have to deal with coloring or dyeing of hair the purpose of covering grey hairs. The author promises a formula that could work on grey hair to diminish, retard or reverse its forming.

This formula is used orally and topically, this way working internally and externally to work on greying hair. The author does mention that this is a method he has used first hand to work on his own hair with good results. The duration required for one to get results with this home made formula is three months.

Looking through the information one can gather some Pros and Cons of this formula:


  • All natural Products that are healthy and easy to find
  • Home made, easy to access and process at the comfort of home.
  • A rescue from constant coloring which weakens and cuts hair
  • Well tabulated weekly timetable of products and activities to do each day.


  • The length of time (3months) might feel long for some people
  • This requires some patience
  • Requires good discipline in order to achieve
  • Requires frequent washing of hair

As the author explains one has to faithfully adhere to the use of the formula for the time prescribed. Nothing good comes from nothing, so one has to put in the time. If one focuses on the benefits, the motivation can be found.