High Fiber For Weight Loss

samples of whole grains, nuts, green and colored vegetables

It is very likely that the thought of ‘fiber’ in food when ordering at eatery places, does not come to mind. The need at that time is to eat to enjoy and satisfy the hunger pangs. Fiber for weight loss talk comes into play as people become conscious about weight gain, weight loss, and others.  

However, it is a good practice to think about fiber when planning meals at home. The reason is that fiber adds some good benefits to the health of everyone. Every meal does well with some vegetables or fruits on the side. That’s how you get the opportunity to add some high-fiber foods for roughage and weight management purposes.

Another term for fiber is roughage, and people are encouraged to add fiber or roughage foods to the diet to help with digestion and elimination.  Fiber is that part of plants or foods that cannot be digested or absorbed by the body. Some foods are easily broken down and absorbed, while others pass through without breaking down. They are also termed as bulk.  Examples of easily broken foods are the fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Planning to have the larger portion on the plate being that of the high fiber vegetable helps in controlling  the amount of calories absorbed for retaining by the body. This benefit should motivate the thought of adding  high fiber for weight loss to meals.

Reasons people are not taking in their fiber

The Appearance (attractiveness):

It’s true for most children and adults, that their eye is much attracted to foods that are without fiber content. The adults seem to carry this  nature into adult life. The white bread, the potatoes chips, cupcakes, and most pizzas are made without fiber flour, yet they are the most popular items.

The Taste:

Foods without fiber seem to be tastier than the fiber full ones. It’s just unfortunate that when you remove some of the natural nutrients from the foods, they develop a better taste. An example is potato fries made with peels on verses ones without the peels on.  A lot of people don’t find whole grain breads tasting good. The white bread is popular with both children as well as with the adults.

The truth is that both the appearance and taste of any foods can be improved by way of preparation so that they become attractive to the eye and appealing to taste. High fiber foods are found amongst fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods. By adding some vegetables or fruits with every meal, you get a share of fiber for the good functioning of the gut.

Benefits of Fiber


Controlling of weight:

High fiber foods stay longer in the system making you feel full. This feeling causes one to avoid constant snacking thus controlling intake of extra calories.  Fiber from fruits and vegetables is known to be lower in calories. 

Constipation Relief:

Roughage is essential in helping with digestion. It provides the required texture for grinding, mixing and movement of the food in the intestines.  For individuals who have issues of constipation or a slow digestive system, they should add fiber to their diet. The fiber in this case acts as a natural remedy for constipation.

Balancing Blood Sugar Levels:

The fact that it takes longer for high fiber to be digested means that the releasing of sugar into the system is controlled in pace. This regulation creates a balance in sugars keeping them at the right levels in the body.

Protecting the Health of the Gastrointestinal Lining:

Some fibers from vegetables and fruits have antioxidants which can protect the colon from risks of cancerous ailments. This keeps the colon healthy and in good functioning.

Cholesterol Reduction

When Fiber is available in the digestive system, it ordinarily blocks cholesterol from being absorbed by the body. This rids the body of health hazards that are related to high cholesterol levels.

Fiber Supplements for Weight Loss

For many people, it’s not always possible to have enough fiber in their diets. How much fiber one has in their meals likely depends on:

  • the kind of foods they eat,
  • how much planning they do for meals
  • the knowledge they have about the importance of the matter.
  • Finances to allow for shopping the necessary foods
  • Time of preparation for the right foods

Fiber supplements are made from carbohydrates that are harvested from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. People that don’t get enough fiber can supplement with these for the lack. They are needed for the healthy movement of the bowels for proper elimination. In situations where life is too busy to allow for healthy eating, supplements can be a good substitute for some measure of fiber.   


High Fiber Food Types

table chart for high fiber foods and fiber content per 100 gm

High fiber supplements have been known to help with the maintenance of good levels of blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Other benefits of high fiber intake are in the prevention of some types of cancers and other health conditions like, food allergies, heart diseases, and diabetes.


Supplements that come in powder form can be used to enrich shakes and smoothies with fiber, turning them into healthy drinks for weight loss. Good sources are normally those that are organic, and plant based.


They are vegan and non-genetically modified. They can be made to taste better by incorporating them with other ingredients to flavor them as required.