What you Feed the Gut Determines Your Immunity Strength


You are what you eat! Pretty sure you’ve heard that before, and in these times when Health is of the utmost priority, it’s more of a warning than an analogy. That guilty pleasure you can’t wait to wolf down might be doing more harm than good. The choices we make on foods should be with consideration to building a strong immune system. Today we’re going to take a look how the health of your Gut influences your overall health. 

First, we have to understand what inhabits our stomachs before we move forward. We start with the Gut Microbiome, this is where the Bacteria that helps digest and break down food resides. Most diseases stem from the imbalance of these Bacteria or Flora in your Gut. When there is an imbalance, there is a deficiency in strength to carry out the Gut’s normal functions. This may affect, but is not limited to, the following.

Heart Health
I love Eggs and Steak as much as the next person, probably even more! But I could be putting myself at risk of Stroke, Blood Clots and Chronic Kidney diseases. You see, such foods as those stated above, contain a nutrient called Choline. Your Gut Bacteria feasts on this nutrient, in turn producing TMAO or Trimethylamine-N-Oxide. TMAO then contributes to the buildup of Cholesterol in your blood vessels.

Immune System
Your Gut Micro-biome communicates with the Immune System cells to keep you, the host, safe. Seeing as 70% of the Immune System is found in the gut, this places your gut at the forefront of the body’s defense against Pathogens. Different foods are good for targeting specific areas of the body to improve their functioning. Research lets us know what to eat for  strengthening the immune system.

Brain Health
There’s a reason that your intuition is dubbed as “Gut feeling”! The Brain and your Gut have a very close relationship. Studies have gone to show that problems in your Gut lead to stress, anxiety and mood alteration. Not to mention chronic pain. When your Gut health begins to affect your Central Nervous System, it goes to show we are wading in murky waters indeed. There are foods

Obesity and Weight Gain
Gut bacteria influences digestion of certain foods and also production of chemicals that determine if you feel full or not. That is how Gut Bacteria influences Weight gain. Since the bacteria comes into direct contact with the food you consume, the bacteria also determine how energy is stored in your body.

Think of the Bacteria in your Gut as an army, you can send reinforcements in order to help them fight the good fight. One way of doing this is by consuming foods rich in Fiber and Probiotics. Probiotics are Bacteria and Yeasts which are good for you. They make your immunity stronger and improve your Gastrointestinal health. These are found in Yogurt, Cheese, pickled Veggies, Onions and Gherkins but to mention a few.

Your body needs all the help it can get in regulation and boosting of the Gut Microbiome and the best way to do this is keeping a keen eye on what we put in our bodies.


Natural Remedies For Immune System

Just like with different organs when they are not exercised, they lose their capacity to function; muscles get weaker, and the brain gets slower. A strong Immune clears away dead cells and builds up new ones. If the immune is not exercised and strong you will age prematurely from the inside

Our immune system determines the quality of our lives. That’s why it’s dubbed as ‘your inner doctor’. Your health is the most important thing in life, but most people take it for granted until when they fall sick. Only then do they realize the value of a healthy body and wish for the good moments. It’s advisable not to wait till it’s late, but to Spent some time preserving your health.

A lot of people are getting more interested in natural treatments as they become aware of the harsh side effects of some medications. If taken over a long period medication can weaken the immune system. It’s common to see people who have been very long on medications but whose conditions have taken forever to improve.

Healthy herbal alternatives exist and it would be an advantage to discover them. However, it’s difficult to identify what herbs to associate with what ailments. Recently I came across a very educative herbal book with colorful illustrations of plants and the type of remedies they offer. I thought this would be very helpful to anyone interested in herbal plants, as it would serve as a dictionary and a guide.

That would mean you can take charge of your immune by knowing what plants apply to what conditions. You get the idea from the book, do research for yourself, and follow the doctor’s advice. This way you will have participated in improving health by using natural remedies.

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